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Bondi's Famous Portuguese Chicken

This independant Oporto Feedback site has regrettably closed it's doors indefinitely.

We would like to thank you for your support over the time we have been running, but unfortunately due to many people mistaking us for the official site,
and it potentially causing problems and annoyance from such confusion, we feel it is best to end it here.

To visit Oporto themselves, please go to:

This page is for information purposes only. Views expressed on this page are only people's opinions,
and are not to be taken as an accurate statement about any branch of Oporto, or of Oporto as a company.
This page is in no way associated with the company Oporto Portuguese Chicken,
but merely an independently run forum for the opinions of the public. This page is entirely non-profit.

The text and layout of the Oporto Ratings and Info Page is Copyright © from November 1999.
All images are Copyright © their respective owners.